Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center in Los Angeles

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Yes the trip into the California Science Center in LA was once again long and traffic filled BUT getting to see the Endeavour was definitely worth it. (Thanks Nathan!) At this time of year you have to prebook your time but it’s only $2 a person and worth every cent. First you are taken through a museum/exhibit of sorts which provides the visitor with lots of interesting information along with showing you the toilet and oven. In this area are also two simulators which all the guys and Hannah went on. Jackie, Emily and I were quite happy to stand and wait for them!

Here we were also able to watch how the Endeavour made its way “home” to the CA Science Center. What an undertaking! The price/bid for the space shuttle was not cheap either. Take a look at this bill:

From here it was time to go visit the Endeavour in its custom built hangar. It was WAY bigger than I imagined and looked so majestic. Well used, yes, but still pretty awe inspiring. Along the wall are separate posters depicting all the space missions. The Endeavor’s first mission was May 7th, 1992. It’s 25th and final mission was May 16th, 2011. That’s an incredible lifespan!

Naturally there is a gift shop in this area with gifts ranging from $1 to hundreds of dollars! Outside is the external tank (ET-94) the ONLY external tank left on earth! How come? This one was built but never used. Normally these tanks disintegrate upon re-entering the atmosphere. There are actually plans in the works to build a whole new exhibit allowing the tank and Endeavour to be together.

We spent a little time exploring the rest of the science center but wanted to leave LA before the rush hour traffic started again. Who were we kidding?!



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