Mandarin Beauty Chinese Restaurant in Holbrook, AZ

Very rarely do I rave or blog about an eating place but this restaurant deserves it. As I began thinking of our day traveling from Albuquerque into Arizona and more specifically about visiting the Petrified Forest my memory was jogged. I remembered that the kids and I had eaten at a REALLY GOOD Chinese Restaurant in Holbrook, AZ after leaving the national park. The thoughts of cooking on the road that day disappeared and Chinese food was on the menu! Would the restaurant still be there? I could not remember its name so once we left the park we used the GPS to find the Chinese in Holbrook and just drove. We were WAY later in the day than we had planned and had only snacked since breakfast so all in need of some good sustenance.

Guess what? This Mandarin Beauty Chinese is still there! Arriving just before 5pm the lunch buffet (what we had enjoyed on our previous visit) was no longer available so we had to order from the menu. Would we be disappointed? No!

This restaurant is NOTHING to look at from the outside or the inside BUT don’t let that put you off! Richard made the declaration that their egg rolls are the best he has ever tasted over here in the USA and actually asked the owner about them. They are made on the premises and the owner admitted that folks come just for his egg rolls! The rest of the food was also delicious. We had Sizzling Beef, Szechuan Chicken and General Tsao’s. Superb! There is also PLENTY of space to park a big rig which is definitely another plus. If Richard was impressed, you need to take note. We have eaten at many different Chinese restaurants here in the USA, all of which get compared to our favorite in England – the one in Holmbush, St. Austell, Cornwall which we used to enjoy when we were courting and tried it again in 2013 when we were back there.

Check it out if you are ever in the area.

Happy eating,


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