Big Rig Accessibility – Dog parks and more

As I have shared in the past our new rig is approximately 60′ total in length (truck and fifth wheel together). That makes for some interesting parking at times and certainly does not allow us access to all gas/diesel stations. SO as we take this trip I am going to share some of the great places we find along the way. Not every one as that would get boring but the ones that are extra ordinary and may be of help to fellow RVers. If this is not your forte please feel free to skip these posts, I won’t be offended 🙂

Heading west on I44 through Oklahoma City on the toll road and then onto I40 west, Exit 135, we pulled into an OnCue gas station and as we drove around the back were very pleasantly surprised. NEVER had we seen a gas station with one dog park, let alone two (one for large breeds, one for small). Not just that, both park have agility courses for the dogs!

Obviously we are no longer dog owners but this is a gem for those that are. For us, outside the dog parks, there was a picnic table and space for us to pull our rig alongside so that we could eat lunch along with Hovis!

Of course we filled up with diesel whilst there and would recommend others to spend money here also to say “Thank You”.

This next gem, Michelle and I had found by accident six years ago when transporting animals. As you turn off Exit 277 in Santa Rosa, NM and head towards the Pilot gas station there is a HUGE empty gravel lot on the left hand side. We pulled in, cooked lunch and just relaxed for a few minutes. The joy of this new rig is that the toilet is accessible even when the slides are in so public bathrooms are not a necessity. If you are looking to purchase food, there is a Dairy Queen right next door and/or a cafe across the road. We were not the only camper that pulled in whilst parked there. This is a REAL gem!

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