A New Awning

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One of our two awnings broke the second night we were in the camper way back in April. A storm came through and although the awnings have automatic sensors we believe the wind took the one before it had a chance to retract. (We are WAY MORE vigilant now, retracting them ourselves when we think a storm is coming!) It has taken all this time for things to get sorted and a new one to arrive at the dealership but last week we headed up there, again, to get the new awning and a few other things fixed. It is SO nice to have both of them again as they really do help to keep that side of the camper cool and the one that was missing was over Hannah’s window and the outdoor kitchen.

Of course that meant we had to find accommodation for the night. Easy to do for just us humans but not so easy to do with Hovis in tow! Richard finally found us a room that would allow Hovis to come in. (We had purchased her a travel cage to keep her contained.) Alas when we arrived at the hotel to check in there was a different person at the front desk who told us we were not allowed to bring Hovis in!  AAGH! Thankfully Richard was able to reassure the receptionist and as we had already secured the room, we were allowed to continue as planned. Hovis was very quiet 🙂

Here is Hovis traveling in the truck. She sits on the top of the bench seat and is quite happy. We cover the seat with one of her towels so that she is not damaging the leather. We have a long rubber mat on the floor in the back so the middle section is covered to protect the carpet from her “presents”. We put a puppy pad or paper towel on top of the mat so easy to clean up after a trip.

Whilst up in our old stomping grounds we went to visit our good friends Mark and Pat. It happened to be raining whilst we were outside talking and although we were under their porch Hovis decided to take a few steps out on my arm to get wet. Due to her still having baby feathers we have not let her get really wet before but no stopping her this day. She was having a blast and then flew to Mark looking a little soggy! (She soon dried off when back in the truck.)

Hovis (now 15 weeks) has learned to screech recently. She is LOUD! She normally only does it when in her cage and we are outside. This past weekend we were cleaning the truck and camper so it was not suitable for her to be out. She was mad! Screech, screech, screech! She also does it when she hears Richard but can’t see him. There is no question that he is her favorite. When he is around the rest of us don’t get much of a look in. One day last week Richard was sleeping after coming in from a 48 hour shift. After a while, Hovis, sat in her cage, starts shrieking. I couldn’t figure out what the matter was until I heard Richard talking. He had woken up and was on the phone. Obviously Hovis had heard him before I had!

Not moaning, just sharing the realities of owning a scarlet macaw! When folks, especially kids, tell us how much they would like one we are quick to point out just how much work having one is. Hovis takes a lot of time and attention. We can’t leave her in her cage all day. She wants to be out flying and socializing with us all. One thing that is nice is that when we put her to bed, that is it. Due to these parrots originating from the equatorial region they are used to and need 12 hours of darkness/rest. Hovis normally goes to bed between 8 & 9pm and is not up until around 8am.




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  1. Diana says:

    I had to chuckle at the picture of Hovis on your friends shoulder. She looks so happy!!
    Thank you for sharing!

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