Not an inch to spare!

Oh my! Today was the first time we have packed up the fifth wheel with Hovis’ cage! We had thought we would just be able to turn it 90°. WRONG! That worked for bringing the living room slide in but then we realized the kitchen slide would not be able to come in. OH NO! Rotating it back again, putting a cloth on both edges to prevent rubbing (damage) we then brought the kitchen slide in very carefully. Adjusting one of the casters, the slide just came in. Talk about a tight squeeze! This pic is rather dark but shows you just how close the slide is to the caster.

Needless to say we are EXTREMELY thankful as I am not sure what we would have done otherwise. The cage is too wide to go through the door and there is nowhere else for it to go. Counting our blessings once more 🙂

As we were not actually leaving Treasure Lake today but just having to move sites due to having been where we were for 3 weeks, we found a shady spot in Phase 1 that was also paved and long enough for us. (Not always an easy task.) We had just set up the camper after moving when the workmen putting in a pole close to us for the new fiber optic on the park went through a mains water pipe. Uh oh! Hot and hungry it was time to go out to lunch rather than trying to cook here with no water! Thankfully someone had blessed us with some Cracker Barrel gift cards so lunch was tasty and cheap. Another blessing to count 🙂

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