Hovis’ first bike ride!

Two pictures in this post 

Two weeks ago, at 9 weeks old, Hovis took her first bicycle ride. We needed to go up to the clubhouse here at Treasure Lake for something so thought we would take Hovis with us. How would she do? Would she fall off? Hovis LOVED it! She stayed on Richard’s shoulder and rode all the way there and back. (Sorry about the quality of the pic as I was on my bike as well!)

That same week her new cage was delivered. Caleb and I built this in the camper. (It won’t fit through the door so could not be built outside!) Having researched a lot of cages we decided on surgical grade stainless steel one. Yes, it was expensive BUT it will never rust and is easy to clean. There is a pull out tray for the dirty litter and a rack above that so she is never standing in her own waste. The cage is also on casters (castors) so easy to move. Fully assembled it weighs about 144lbs!

It didn’t take long for Hovis to settle into her new home. We also purchased a cover for it to let her have complete darkness at night. At least now we can go out without wondering where she will be when we get home. Although she likes her cage Hovis still likes to be out. I came in today after being gone most of the day. Even though Richard had given her a lot of attention earlier she was eager to get out, put her harness on and go outside. (She has grown out of her medium harness and is now wearing a large.) Now at 11 weeks old she is starting to fly. She can only go about 6″ at this stage but she can really flap those wings. It won’t be long before she takes off properly. I am sure that going out of an afternoon is one of the highlights of her day. She “natters” the whole time and is very tolerant of folks who want to stroke her.

Shortly after moving into her cage she started “asking” us for food. After one feeding she stood by one of her food bowls and kept touching it so we gave her some real food. Each day she now gets a variety of cooked beans, nuts and parrot pellets. She wastes more than she eats at this time but that’s okay as she is still a baby and learning.

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