Raw milk again :)

Before our friends arrived last a couple weeks ago, Michelle and I spent most of the day on the road. Her old car, which she purchased at least 10 years ago in Montana had broken down the previous week! It had gradually been become more and more unreliable and needing more money spent on it. Not earning much money and having a couple of different diagnosis pronounced over it, we all decided that the time had come to say “goodbye”. Car buyers we are not so Richard spoke with a couple folks he knew and one guy recommended a car being sold by one of Richard’s ambulance colleagues. Having just returned form a long, mostly sleepless shift, Richard needed to go to bed. Knowing that this was a distinct possibility Michelle and I had already planned to go together.

Still an older car, this Pontiac G6 is newer than her old one and also has a lot less miles. However it was not without its problems and spent the first day of the week in the shop getting some rod arms, wheel bearings etc. fixed in order to make it roadworthy and to be able to pass inspection. Why purchase a car in that condition? Well truth be told, we didn’t realize that it was going to need all that work. The folks that sold it to us genuinely had no idea either! We felt completely at peace about it and still believe Michelle now has a good car. It should last her for a few years now.

With all that said, that same week I found a source for quality RAW Jersey milk. For some reason we still get a local farming paper which most of the time I do not read. However the front page on this particular one caught my eye so I started reading. Since no longer milking our own cows it has been hard to find a good source of raw milk. (It is legal to sell/purchase raw milk in Missouri but the buyer has to go to the farm to pick it up.) Richard was getting it for a while close to one place he worked but that wasn’t always convenient so we resorted to buying store milk. (Yuk!) That has now all changed. Yes, I have to travel a few miles, once a week, to pick up this milk but it is worth it. Richard and I only drink raw milk so it has been a long while since we have had any. This milk is absolutely delicious and just look at the head of cream on it. Oh my! Thank you Camelot Cattle Company for providing such a great product to those of us who want it and cannot milk their own cows.


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