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We are often blessed with food by folks around us. Last week John, a retired professional baker, brought us not only delicious cookies but also scrumptious carrot cake! Of course we always say “Thank You” but I feel that that is not always enough. True gratitude seems to be a thing of the past in many circles which is sad. I like to send a “Thank You” card when one is due and I always insist on the children making “Thank You” cards when they are given presents etc. SO with that in mind I needed to write two TU cards.

Not wanting to take a trip to the store and preferring to make my own anyway, I set to looking at the supplies I had on hand. I didn’t want anything big plus I needed to ensure that whatever I made there were envelopes to match. When we moved I nearly gave away a large pack of Origami paper as we had not used it. At the last minute I decided to squeeze it in to the craft cupboard above our bed. (Yes, the space is only small.) Delving through I found some tags and as we always have card and glue etc. on hand I had everything I needed to start creating.

Creating small cards I was able to make colorful/matching envelopes from the Origami paper. Perfect! Okay, so when I look at my creations compared to what some of our designers (and customers) used to make when we owned the rubber stamp company, my efforts pale into insignificance! LOL! I have never ever claimed to be as good as them! For what I needed though, these cards worked well 🙂

It’s been a busy sewing week too! Hannah and Caleb’s comforters/quilts that I had made many years ago were proving to be too big for the camper bunks. They kept falling off each night and it was hard for the children to make their beds etc. What really clinched it was when Hannah fell out of bed last week taking a hard tumble. (She’s fine now after a trip to the chiropractor just to make sure.) I wanted to make the quilts so that they could tuck in thus helping the kids in case they did roll too far one way of a night. Time to cut them to size and resew. Hannah’s was also getting a little thin so I added a new layer of batting providing her with better thickness. With that job complete it was time to put a new zip in one of Hannah’s dresses. Last year, having a hissy fit, Hannah had broken the zip beyond repair. The dress has been “hiding” ever since. When I took out the sewing machine I found it so decided I had better get it sorted. Hannah very proudly wore her “new” dress to church last night!

The king comforter that came with the camper for our bed was not made well. Like Richard said, “It was made to look good but not for real use!” It was fraying along the seams and starting to look awful. Yes, we have not been using it that long! Not wanting to replace it as I love the color not to mention we didn’t want the expense, I set to work trying to fix it. Being a king size that was a LOT of quilt to deal with and of course a bit got stuck where it shouldn’t whilst sewing so I had to unpick a load one time. AAGH! Now reinforced I am hoping that it will no longer fray. (If the seams had been edged the first time correctly none of this would have been needed!) I was very thankful to be able to put the sewing machine away yesterday after it being out all week but also very thankful that I had one to do the jobs needed.

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