Hovis @ 6 weeks

Hovis continues to develop at a fast rate. I’m a little late with this post so she was actually six weeks old last week. It’s truly incredible how many feathers she grew in two weeks and yet she is still bald or with baby feathers on many areas.

Here she is sat on my lap whilst we were playing cards:

Every day we take her for a walk around the park at least once, most times twice. Why? This is helping to socialize her, getting her used to not only other people but also animals (dogs and cats). I have been training her to lie on her back. She wasn’t too sure of that to start with but now will lie there without wriggling.

One day Michelle offered to feed her when we were at the pool. Oh my! Hovis was fine being fed as she was hungry but as soon as she realized we were not here she was not happy! Poor Michelle was quite concerned as Hovis started shaking etc. (She does that when she is scared.) When I got in that night Hovis “told” me a major tale. She’s not a big cuddler but she cuddled into my neck that evening and talked and talked. Poor thing! We won’t do that again. Michelle came around another day whilst we were here and Hovis was fine so all was forgiven, silly girl.



2 Responses to “Hovis @ 6 weeks”

  1. Mum says:

    That’s so cute , has she imprinted on you guys then? Fascinating

    • liz says:

      Hey there!
      Yes, Hovis has definitely bonded with us. She is going to be quite a character. Richard was so proud tonight as she sat on his shoulder when we were out talking to someone.

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