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Oh my, oh my! If you thought we were ‘crazy’ already then you’ll just be reassured of your correctness now! Hee! As I shared in my last post, we had a blast at Parrot Mountain, spending a long time interacting with parrots of all shapes and sizes. The kids loved them too so it was only natural that everyone thought buying a parrot would be a good idea. As Richard and I talked to the staff we learned more about the different kinds. Caleb loved the Conures but they were extremely noisy. Hannah liked the Alexandrine parrots which were really pretty and two of the babies were very calm. Outside of the nursery were two eight month old Scarlet Macaws for sale. (Parrot Mountain does not sell parrots that are over a year old as they want them to really bond with their new owners.) Richard liked one of those which although was quite tame definitely needed additonal training. This was all before we had even made it to the gift shop where the incubators are.

Here was a four week old Scarlet Macaw that was not officially up for sale. Would they sell it to us? We talked quite extensively with the owners, sharing our experience with them. (Richard has obviously raised a lot of birds and both of us have hand fed lambs, piglets, kittens, puppies etc.) The owners agreed that if we would come back the next day, Saturday, and watch the morning feeding and then do the afternoon feeding ourselves and prove successful they would then sell this “baby” to us.

Saturday was the start of our return trip back to Branson but as we were in no rush we agreed. Coming back home that evening, Friday, we both asked ourselves if we were totally nuts?! In our minds we could be boring and purchase an Alexandrine or we could be totally out of the box, as usual, and purchase the Scarlet Macaw. To say we spent a rather sleepless night contemplating all this is an understatement. However, by the next morning, our minds were made up. This was the bird for us.

At this juncture we did not know if we were purchasing a boy or a girl. Having wanted a uniquely British name for it, the name Hovis dropped into Richard’s head. Hovis is the name of a high quality wholemeal bread in England and we both loved the TV ads. When we found out Hovis was a girl we added the Scarlet part to make it sound more feminine.

Here is Miss Hovis on her trip home, all strapped in:

Miss Hovis has to be handfed with a syringe three times a day. She is being kept in a “nest” right now. No, she is not cramped in this box although she does like to come out for cuddles. It is vitally important to keep her away from drafts until she has all her real feathers so she must stay warm. Her feathers are coming in quite quickly so she will be ready for a cage in approximately 3-4 weeks. We have seen a difference in the few short days we have had her even though her belly still looks like an oven ready chicken 🙂 She is quite a character and we are already learning her ways. She does not like to poop in anyone’s arms. When she starts to wriggle, you’d better let her down quickly. Of course this is nice as it saves us getting our clothes dirty!

Enjoying a cuddle with Hannah on our way home:

You may be asking, “Where on earth are you going to keep a full grown parrot?” Good question! Thankfully this camper is large but we are still discussing the logistics. May well have to have a custom cage built so that it fits where we decide it needs to go. We laugh and say that Miss Hovis is the kids’ inheritance as she will outlive both Richard and I. This is another reason we chose a young one as she can bond with all of them, even Michael’s family when we head north in the Fall. We are also expecting her to be a real blessing to those around us. Obviously our current lifestyle means that we meet a LOT of people including children. Scarlet Macaws are not on the endangered list in the USA yet but it has been proposed and it likely will happen sooner rather than later. Their habitat is being destroyed through deforestation and pesticide use. By sharing Miss Hovis with others maybe we can help do our part in educating folks about the dangers of pesticides and destroying some habitats unnecessarily and carelessly. Even without that aspect we can bless folks with a look at one of God’s truly amazing and beautiful creatures up close and personal.

Living the adVENTURE 🙂

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