Whose dog is this?!

Wednesday morning Caleb comes yelling about a strange dog outside so out Richard went to investigate. Most stray dogs go home and as we were out for most of Wednesday we figured he would be gone by the time we got home! Wrong!


He obviously belongs to someone as he does have a collar but no identification and it is obvious that he is used to being allowed indoors. If you are not into dog breeds he is a Blue Heeler. Alas he is still here and although very sweet natured we cannot keep him as he is a chicken and sheep chaser! Our neighbor below us just called to say our sheep are down by the fenceline where they rarely go. They are not used to being chased and are naturally scared stiff! We are keeping him tied up most of the time leaving him off all night hoping he will go home but the kids often go out and play with him during the day and then let him go which is when he gets into mischief!

Today we put a sign up by the main road so hoping that someone will be out looking for their dog. We have also called several neighbors.

Hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend,



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