Pulling up old fence!


Richard spent the day on Tuesday brush hogging, a much needed job here on the farm. Needless to say he didn’t get it all finished and before he could do the rest we needed to pull up some old fence that was down the middle of one of the pastures, a remnant from the pig days. Hard to believe that it has been over two years since we sold the pigs. With Richard in Springfield yesterday, the kids and I headed out after to lunch to pull it all up. Some of it was buried! Temporary electric fence is great if you take care of it and keep it tight but if you let it drop it soon “sinks” into the ground with the grass growing over it! All clean now and with some rain, hopefully the pastures will soon green up.


This picture of Duke and Daniel is primarily for Michelle but thought I would share it with you. Duke was never that attached to us before Michelle left as she was his “all in all” and he adored her. Now though he is always wanting attention from us and yesterday was not going anywhere despite sitting on electric wire until Daniel had given him a good stroke! Daft dog!



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  1. Michelle says:

    That’s my boy! Glad he’s not pining away.

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