Photo Shoot – Hannah

Hannah is now 8 years old and very tall like her birthmother. She loves to be photographed so this was no hardship for her 🙂 The only hard part was brushing her hair, something she does not like to do!


On the tire swing:


With Caleb on the stile:


Getting a hug from Richard (She is very much a daddy’s girl!):


Another one on the tire:



All our adoptions have been open thus far but contact varies with each one. Hannah does not have any contact with her birthmother at this time (birthfather unknown) but we do hear from her periodically via the phone. Hannah’s maternal grandfather sends birthday and Christmas cards to her and so when we send out photos of Hannah we send out two sets: one to her birthmother and one to her grandfather.

We have absolutely no idea how many more children are in our future through the gift of adoption but Richard and I would like at least two more. We are open to many different situations and race has never been nor will be an issue. We look forward to that call sometime soon 🙂

Take care,


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