New chicks!

chicks 6

A little late in the season but the kids came running in this morning, yelling “Chick! Chick! Chick!” They thought the mama had two but when we just went out to try and grab a picture I saw six chicks! Not sure where this mama raised them as she was not in the main barn but I think it may well have been out in some tall weeds as as soon as she heard us coming she took off running with them so they are obviously at least a couple days old. It is one of the hens that raised some last year but this is her first set this year. Sorry the photo is not clear but she was moving fast away from us.

It is an absolutely GORGEOUS day here! How many of you saw the Blood Moon this morning? Richard said he saw it on his way to work. (No the Suburban is not yet fixed but a friend picked him up and took him.) Hopefully it will be fixed today. I thought the Blood Moon would have set by the time Richard got up at 6 or else I would have got up to see it. Supposed to be getting storms later but for now I am sat out on the porch enjoying the warm temps and pleasant breeze.

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