Hannah’s 8th birthday :)

Celebrating with Hannah is not always easy. Due to her emotional issues she can get VERY wound a few days before an event and then have a total meltdown on the actual day that is supposed to be the happiest! SO this year we did not mention her coming birthday very much at all. One “kind” stranger at a pool one day did let Hannah know her birthday was so many days away when she told him the date and so she started to get a little wound. However she also did her math wrong and all this week has been thinking that her birthday was going to be this Sunday! Richard and I just kept quiet.


SO this morning was a total surprise for her and although she has had a couple of “moments” we have not seen a meltdown 🙂 And yes, I cheated and bought a cake this year as we were away and out all day so no time to make one. (I did make our picnic lunch to save money!)


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  1. lacyquilter says:

    Happy Birthday, Hannah!

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