Sewing and recycling :)


Caleb and Hannah made it painfully clear on the first day of using the camper that the seat cushions were not going last long with their present covers. At breakfast, Caleb dripped egg yolk all down himself and the cushions! EEK! PLUS the fabric was the kind of fabric that you could easily pull threads on. On our way back we stopped in Walmart and I picked up some heavy duty fabric to cover the seat cushions with. At the time, Richard said to me that it wasn’t enough but it was all they had and I thought it would work. You’d think after all these years I would have learned to listen to my husband! LOL! (I will use that fabric for another project as it is really nice.)

Knowing that I would not be able to get what I wanted around here I searched online. What color to get? What kind of fabric? I did actually find what I had purchased at Walmart but at over $14 a yard online (I needed 8 yards) decided against that! Finally decided on a mock vintage suede in espresso. It arrived earlier this week and I was thrilled. High quality, easy to sew with and blends in perfectly with the colors in the camper. Out came the sewing machine & I got busy! (You can see the old in the left hand side of the pic.)

Made removable covers for all the seats. Had some fabric left so I decided to make a couple of long cushions. Not wanting to spend money on the filling I went on the search here in the house for suitable thriller. IN amongst all this sewing I have also been cleaning out! AGAIN! I know, I cleaned out about 18 mths ago but although we have not gathered much, if any stuff, since then it was time to be even more ruthless! I found an old pillow of Michelle’s that she had swapped for a new one plus an old comforter that all the stitching had come out so I cut the cover off of that and along with the inside of that and the pillow stuffed the first cushion. It needed to be something washable anad also soft. Worked well. What to fill the second one with though? I found a sleeping bag – one of the cotton covered ones not the shiny ones. that no longer had a zip so I cut that one up for the second pillow.

With the sewing complete, Richard scotchgarded all the cushions so we should now be child proof! Who am I kidding?! 🙂 We also laid some thick clear plastic under the table so protect the carpet. Took off the table legs and actually laid it properly secured by the screws on the table leg base so we can just wipe up the mess that gets on the carpet. If you saw the mess under our dining room table here in the house from Caleb and Hannah you would fully understand the need for some protection!

On top of all that activity, Richard has been getting the new computers up & running! There is quite a story to that. The first ones arrived several weeks ago but didn’t do what Richard wanted plus he was not happy with the quality so those got sent back. He then ordered the new Toshiba Qosmio laptops which are chunkier and better built. To his dismay they also did not do exactly what he wanted (mirroring the hard drives for protection) so he had to order a part from Amazon to put into each computer to fix the issue. Thankfully he knows what he is doing so now both computers are up and running. Mine is not completely finished but usable hence me back online “talking” with you 🙂

Talk about spring madness here – just busy, busy, busy.

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  1. Dr John Stone says:

    Dear Liz,
    Thank you for your honest review of my book “Backyard Pet Chickens A Beginners Guide”. You are right I should have further explained the “let your chickens into the garden” better and will be rewriting this section of the book in the future.

    I’ve recently published a book in the horticulture category called “Container Herb Gardening Made Easy: How To Grow Fresh Herbs At Home In Pots”, which I think you will enjoy and will be available free on kindle for five days from 19/4/14.
    When you have a moment, feel free to take a look. And if you feel generous I would love to receive a review on Amazon from someone who knows what they are talking about on the subject of sustainable living.
    Regards Dr John Stone.

    • liz says:

      Thanks so much for your note John 🙂 So glad you appreciated my review. I have just read your Container Herb Gardening Made Easy book and left a review. Well-written, thorough and encouraging book. All the best,

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