A wonderful day :)

We arrived at the park about 2 minutes before Daniel’s birthmom which meant that our kids had already run off to play! That was OK though as it gave us time to say “Hi” & to recover from the shock of being introduced to Daniel’s birthfather, who is now married to Daniel’s birthmom! We had absolutely NO clue. We knew at the time of Daniel’s birth that his birthfather was an illegal Mexican immigrant who knew nothing of Daniel’s existence so never dreamed that we or Daniel would ever meet him. As I said above he is now married to Daniel’s birthmom (they met again a few years ago) & so the younger daughter, Destanie who is 3, is actually Daniel’s full sister! (Daniel’s half sister, 12, lives with her Dad & was at school. We also learned that he has 2 half brothers & sisters, 5 & 6, in Mexico.)

The weather could not have been better – clear blue skies & warm. The younger kids went off playing whilst we all sat & talked. There was much to catch up on after all these years even though we have stayed in contact via letters. Genetics are interesting 🙂 As we sat eating a picnic lunch Daniel started talking about the foods he doesn’t like which are actually not very many but he is not fond of coconut or peas. Guess what? Neither is his birthmom! HOWEVER Daniel is very fond of hot, spicy food & will frequently sprinkle hot cayenne pepper on his dinner. Guess what? His birthfather LOVES hot, spicy food! That is one of the joys of open adoption – many times you get to learn things like this.

Later Daniel wanted to talk with his birthmom alone & so they took a couple long walks around the park. She had asked us what we had told him as she wanted to apologize to him for all the drugs etc. She is now clean & doing well 🙂 Daniel also had questions for her. His birthfather does not speak that much English but Daniel was interested in learning some Spanish words so they wrote a few down for him.

How did Richard & I feel throughout this day? Threatened? Concerned? Not all all. We know Daniel is very secure in who he is & we were delighted that he was able to spend a few hours talking with his birthparents & seeing what they are like. This is his heritage & very healthy for him as he now knows a little more of who he is. Nothing has been glamorized, in fact if he had any “romanticized” thoughts of what they were like before, he now knows the truth.

I LOVE this photo. We chose to blur their faces in order to protect their privacy but let me tell you that everyone, not just Daniel, was smiling 🙂


All in all we were at the park for 5 hours & it truly was a blessed day. We are SO thankful that we had the opportunity to do this 🙂

Take care,


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  1. Janet Sisk says:

    I am so glad that the visit went so well. You are right in the fact that Daniel is very lucky to be able to get to know his birth parents. You are great parents and I commend you on how you handle all this. 😀

  2. Mickie says:

    What a wonderful time for Daniel! I hope he is old enough to remember this later in life. I did not meet my bio-dad until I was 33 yrs old and am so thankful for the time I got to spend with him before he passed. God does work in mysterious ways does he not? So glad that Daniel was so blessed.

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