Moving Calves & Feeding the Rams

Had to bring the calves up this afternoon ready to go to the Sale Barn next week. We hate to do this but if we are not going to be here to eat them then there is absolutely no sense in feeding them all winter. They were pretty easy to move up & now are enjoying some hay. We have advertised them on Craigslist but if they do not sell privately then off they will go.

Once the calves were moved we took hay down to the rams. The darn bale started to break half way down the field so I had to turn the tractor around & push it the rest of the way. The rams were very appreciative. This is their first bale of the winter. The grass isn’t quite gone in their pasture but we do not want them eating it down to nothing.

Caleb then took a ride up the field on the back of the bale spike. Richard was driving slowly & watching him.

Take care & enjoy the rest of your weekend,


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