Darn Meatball!

Every bull calf we have ever had born on the farm, both here in Missouri & in Montana, has always had to be weaned from his mother early due to being too rough on his mother’s teats! One morning last week I noticed a tiny mark on one of Duchess’ teats. Thought it was maybe a fly bite so didn’t think too much about it. The next morning however, there were the classic sighs – teeth marks i.e.small slices down one of the front teats! AAGH! Not only did it mean we had to doctor the teat so that it healed it also meant it was time to wean.

Lollipop & Meatball are the best of pals so it only made sense to wean them both together. 7 & 9 weeks old is a little young to wean but we just could not let Meatball destroy his mama’s teats which he would have done or leave him by himself. To say the calves have not been happy with us is an understatement! Both Meatball & Lollipop have been very vocal. We have offered them the milk but they have totally refused it. They are out to pasture with the ewes so do have access to hay for some extra calories. They are not looking thin just probably will not grow as fast as calves on milk.

As for us, it means that we are now milking Lady & Duchess twice a day. That can be pretty tying BUT the advantage is that we are getting alot more milk so the pigs are happy. With so many mouths to feed here, extra milk is a blessing so we’ll take it. Can’t tell you how thankful I am that we now have the Milking Machine!


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