Roasted Purple Potatoes

As well as the “regular” potatoes we grew this year we also grew a few purple potatoes. We had never tasted them before so yesterday we were eager to see if they tasted any different. Mash potatoes seem to be a “staple” over here in the USA whereas in England & the rest of Europe, although eaten there are also many other ways that they are prepared & enjoyed. We love oven roasted potatoes.

  • Preheat oven to 375F.
  • Prepare pan with real lard. Depending on quantity of potatoes use 2-3tbsp. I never measure it – just dig out some from the jar with a knife! You want enough to nicely cover the bottom of the pan when melted.
  • Whilst lard is melting in pan in oven cut up potatoes into small one inch chunks – you do not need to be that accurate 🙂 You do not need to skin the potatoes. If our potatoes are not from our garden then we buy organic potatoes so nasty chemicals to worry about.
  • Rinse off in strainer & then pour onto hot fat. Season with salt, pepper & garlic. You can actually add any seasonings you want but these three are the basics.
  • Turn potatoes once during the one & a half hours of cooking time.
  • Serve hot & enjoy 🙂

Guess what?! Purple Potatoes taste just like regular potatoes! I do think their skins are a little tougher but they are still very good & edible.


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