Cucumbers & Patty Pans

With our garden not producing as much as we would like this year, when we got a phone call from the neighbor asking if we wanted some cucumbers & squash the answer was a resounding “YES!” (We have been getting about 1 cucumber & zucchini a week!) Her grandson brought us over two half full garbage bags 🙂 SO I immediately set to work on the cucumbers, slicing & salting them ready for pickles this morning.

Made 15pts 🙂

As for the squash those were cut up this morning for the pigs so they got a treat too.


One Response to “Cucumbers & Patty Pans”

  1. Jan Scholl says:

    Ohhh patty pans sautéed in garlic butter. I even eat the flowers. We stuff them with brown rice and tiny green peas and some Indian spices. So hungry now.

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