Raining appples :)

LOL! We got a call from our friends, Marcus & Pat, this evening to say that their apples were falling off their tree & so if we wanted to come pick some we were more than welcome. Off we went! Yes, I know it is WAY too early for apples BUT this weather is SO crazy the poor fruit is ripening early & dropping. There were loads & loads of already rotting ones on the ground so we cleaned all those up first (good pig feed) & then started picking the good ones off the tree. Marcus had an apple picker which is a long handle with a basket on top. It was really cool & made picking the apples off the tree much easier. We ended up with 2 five gallon buckets of apples so Monday morning will see us making apple sauce. The apples are not good enough to store for eating although I am sure the kids will eat several between now & then 🙂

Enjoy your weekend,


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