Blackberries from friends

This afternoon we were invited down to pick blackberries at the people’s house that own the 5 acres next to us. We picked 2 gallons in just a few short minutes. What a blessing!

Their blackberries are huge! Look at the difference in size between theirs (left) & a wild one (right).

This Fall we are going to have to move our blackberries that we planted this year & actually build a row like Eldon has. His bushes are only 2 years old but they are giving a tremendous amount of fruit.

I had honestly thought we were going to be in want of fruit this winter but that is not going to be the case 🙂 We are SO blessed & it hasn’t cost us a penny 🙂 The plums are still coming. The kids & I picked more on Tuesday evening & so I processed them yesterday. There are still more ripening on the trees.


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  1. Lee McKenney says:

    Blackberries grow fast in a short period of time, you should have plenty from your bushes next year for sure.

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