The news gets worse :(

Oh boy! The garage called today to tell us that the engine on the truck is completely shot! You faithful readers will remember that Ford only put a new engine in it last September! An engine should last more than 60,o00 miles!

What to do now? Well the garage have a call in to Ford to see if they will cover the cost of repair which is going to be at least $5000! Apparently the Lifter did fail/get stuck which caused it to damage the Cam & something then hit a couple of the piston heads. In plain English as I really do not understand what I just wrote (LOL!), it is a complete mess. Of course the weekend is upon us so nothing more will be done until Monday.

In the meantime, no matter who pays the bill, the kids & I have to get home somehow because the repair time is now going to be much longer than 2 days! How to get home?! No trucks for rent around here so that is not an option. The rental company in Kansas City that we have used in the past doesn’t have the truck we need coming back in until mid week. Still have 4 goats on board so cannot just rent a car to get us home PLUS we really need a truck at home. Richard is able to carry a few bags of grain in Michelle’s car but not enough. Once I get home we need to go buy 2 ton of grain plus get our first load of hay in so a truck is a necessity not to mention the trailer.

SO we are considering purchasing an older, cheap truck to tide us over & at least get me home but in all reality that is not going to happen until Monday as the banks are closed so cannot transfer any money. No private seller is going to take a credit card.

I’m still smiling if you’re wondering 🙂

Next I’ll share how we kept the kids entertained today.


3 Responses to “The news gets worse :(”

  1. Lee McKenney says:

    Life’s a venture for sure!! You can add this week of your ventures to your book called “Stuck, with a Smile!”

    Hoping the solution from Ford is in your favor. All I have to say is thank goodness this did not happen to you in the middle of no where.

    I don’t comment on each of your entries on this blog, but I do read them all. Take care Liz.


  2. MaryAnn says:

    you know God works his wonders in mysterious ways. Maybe it was a time for a much needed rest, or just maybe a much worse disaster could have been averted by this hiccup in the road. Take care hope all is better soon. and I know you will soon be “ON THE ROAD AGAIN”.

  3. Janet Sisk says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the truck. I guess in your business all that added weight stresses the engine more than just normal use. I hope you can find a good used truck on Monday. Good luck! (yes, I am still stalking your blog! 😀 ) Glad you are still smiling, too.

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