Still stuck in Youngstown, OH!

After I had posted last night I received a call from the Ford garage saying that all had seemed fine with what they had done to fix the truck when in the shop but when they took it on a test drive as soon as it warmed up it did exactly the same thing as before! SO they were thinking that it was now one of the “Lifters.”

This morning when I talked to them they were quite confident that they would have the truck back on the road by tomorrow morning so things were looking OK. Alas the news after lunch was not good. They now have had to take the engine out which in these trucks means removing the entire front end. Can you see the dollar signs flashing before your eyes?! AND they are now talking about it not being fixed until Tuesday!

Richard & I did a lot of talking & running through various possibilities but although expensive the cheapest option is for us to stay here in Youngstown & just wait it out. Greg at the dealership kindly brought us over 2 bales of hay this afternoon so that the horse & goats had food. They are my biggest concern & I was at a loss as to what to do with the horse. She only has to go to Morrow which is 250 miles away but I had no way of getting her there. Her owners also did some calling around & found someone to help them as they do not own their own truck & trailer. SO they are on their way now & will get here sometime after 11pm this evening.

As for the goats they can stay on board. One will need to be milked out tomorrow morning but Michelle has offered to do that job. The goat is nearly dried up but needs milking every 4 days until we can get her home.

SO we spent most of the day by the pool today. Kids, especially Hannah, are a little wound which is understandable. Tomorrow I hope to catch a taxi somewhere so we can do something a little different & hopefully when I call the garage tonight they will have some good news for me.

Take care,


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