Less than 36 hours to go!

Gosh, I have so many butterflies in my stomach it is unreal 🙂

We are like busy little beavers here today so I thought I would share some pics. Michelle is busy pressing rubber in this picture. We have two of the large hydraulic vulcanizers that she has run all day for the last several days. We can produce ALOT of rubber in a day.

Michelle vulcanizing

Raw rubber comes in 50lb rolls & we buy 500lbs at a time! It then gets cut by Michael (or sometimes me) as we need it into the different sizes & piled like you see here ready for use. Raw rubber has to be kept cool otherwise it will cure and become useless. What you see here will get used quickly so no risk of that.

Raw Rubber

Michael just disappeared off to swim practice so couldn’t take a picture of him working but today he has piles & piles of pressed rubber like this to back with cushion & trim.

Rubber Piles

Our plan & hope is that we will have plenty ready to ship out to you on Friday and be as efficient as possible.

I am putting the stamps together but of course can’t show you a pic of that as that would really give the game away.

During these last few weeks & months we have the pleasure of working with a FABULOUS group of VERY talented designers hand picked by our head designer Lisa Strahl. If you are curious as to who they are then go visit Lisa’s blog as she revealed them this morning.

Got to feed my family before making more stamps.

Take care & have a wonderful day,


6 Responses to “Less than 36 hours to go!”

  1. Etha says:

    that’s a heck of a lotta rubbah!!!!!!
    no wonder you see red 🙂
    now I have to clean my monitor cause I had my nose pressed up against it trying to see if I can make out any of those designs, hehe…..

  2. Tejal says:

    That’s how stamps are made!!!!:shock: i’m from India where custom image stamps are unheard of..stamping an unknown phenomenon. I got some stamps from a store, and was hooked. Honestly, some day i plan to have my own store. And yet i have to know the whole process. I think the smell of rubbah is divine!!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics.

  3. mary lambos says:

    wow, that makes me tired just look at all those stacks…can’t to see the new line.

  4. Mary says:

    Hi Liz and All:) That was really exciting to see. Etha, I was doing the same thing! Trying to see if I could make out images of the new stamp line :shock:LOL
    I think Liz is too smart for that. Can I come work for you Liz? That looks like so much fun. I’m sure it’s like any other job once the novelty wears off though huh? But to be part of making something that is a tool for a really fun hobby must make it not so monotonous I would think.

  5. Mary says:

    HAPPY 20TH ANNIVERSARY!!! (a day late) Richard and Liz


  6. lacyquilter says:

    Oh, how I would love to come and have a tour of your ‘processing plant’!

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