Settled for Winter

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As many of you know, during the spring, summer and fall here at Treasure Lake we have to move sites (camping spots) regularly. That all changes when winter hits i.e. November. Due to campers being responsible for their own faucet, not to mention the park being a lot less crowded, and it not being very pleasant to move in freezing temperatures, we get to stay on one site. Today was our moving day to settle for winter. We had been praying that we would find a good site in Phase 2 as there are still quite a lot of campers here. (Phase 1 closes in December.)

I am pleased to say we are moved to our winter spot. We have not stayed on this site since we had the Dutchmen travel trailer so that’s been a while! It is a nice long site, right by the park which helps us with watching the kids. It is also sheltered. Tomorrow, Richard will heat tape and insulate the hose and faucet ready for the freezing temperatures coming tomorrow evening.

Another prayer was also answered regarding the weather today. Storms rolled in overnight but moved on out this morning allowing us to pack up/hook up in the dry. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous so the kids and I had put everything away that we could whilst the sun shone. As we left the previous site, misty rain was coming down. Whilst a little damp it was not a soaking rain. The storms rolled back in this afternoon and now it is absolutely pouring it down. Do we mind? No! We are warm, safe, dry and blessed!

Due to the rain this afternoon I suggested we go up to the game room for a while to play pool, air hockey etc. Whilst we have gone there once in a while for just a few minutes I honestly think this is the first time in 4 ½ years that we have spent a longer time there.

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