Critters Galore

7 pictures in this post!

Caleb LOVES critters of all kinds! Yes, even snakes but don’t panic. There are no snake pictures in this post 🙂 Hard to believe that he will be 10 on Saturday! Ever wondered what it would be like to have eyes on your back? Well, this grasshopper certainly looked like he did. Great for fooling those predators!

Lizards/skinks are some of his favorites:

Fish are not unwanted either 🙂

He always catches and then releases. Daniel caught this large catfish that he was very proud about:

I think Caleb caught this same one later! The catfish love the hotdogs! Another fish:

Last but not least are the frogs and toads. I am sure they send out a warning signal when Caleb is on the prowl 🙂

We have re-homed several large turtles this year. They are a nuisance in the pond as they eat the smaller fish. The boys catch them and then we transport them down to a nearby creek/river where there is a lot more habitat and food for them.




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