Hovis LOVES the rain!

3 photos in this post.

At 2 1/2 years old now, Hovis is quite vocal. Her words/phrases are:



“Hello Hovis”

“Pretty girl”

“How are you?”

Up until today she had only ever spoken in her cage or in the truck. Whilst she loves the attention from other people, she is obviously too shy to speak to them. The other evening when she was out flying around the camper she said, “Hello” when she landed on both my shoulder and Hannah’s. Today, when she was sitting outside with Richard she said, “Hello” so maybe she will soon be talking to those she meets?!

As for the rain, Hovis wants to be out in it. Boy, does she chatter when it starts. Now although her vocabulary is still quite limited it is funny to hear her repeating conversations. We know that is what she is doing but it is not quite intelligible yet. SO many people talk to her and she will come back and start muttering to herself. Her “Hello” is not only extremely clear, she uses different inflections to imitate. Quite amusing. However I diverse… Back to the rain. The other morning she would not shut up all the way through school so once we took a break I took her outside to play. She had a blast. If you are wondering about her tail feathers, they are starting to grow back. (If you look closely, you can just see two pale red ones in her tail.) She was REALLY grumpy for about 10 days and we couldn’t understand why until we looked and saw all the big pin feathers poking through. She must have been sore!

By the way, I was not getting wet. I was sitting under the awning.



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