Proud of our two eldest girls

SO proud of Michelle and Jessie (daughter-in-law). Whilst they lead altogether very different lives, Richard and I are very proud of both of them. Michelle came to us a few weeks ago saying that she was thinking of purchasing a “new to her” camper. Richard said he had been thinking the same thing. Michelle had been saving up and when you live on the low Branson wages not to mention work-camping, that is quite a feat! SO she started looking. We contacted some friends of ours to see if they still had their camper for sale. To cut a long story short, we picked it up this afternoon and brought it back to Treasure Lake. Whilst it does look its age (2004) on the outside and needs a wash, inside is REALLY nice. Our friends have maintained it well. SO much more room for Michelle and better insulated. She is now busily moving everything across so her old one can find a new home.

As for Jessie, that girl has a heart of gold. Taking on Michael should have been enough (lol!) but there is so much more! With three girls of their own, as you know they welcomed Easton into their home way back in January. Due to medical issues and Easton having to be in public school as under the foster care system, Jess has spent her days running back and forth. Easton has settled in SO well, with Michael and Jess treating her just like their other children. (The adoption papers are in, just have to wait.) Most folks would think four kids was enough but last week they welcomed two young teenagers into their home who needed a place to stay. Richard and I could not be more proud of them! These kids need to experience what a real family is like with a dad that will show them how to fix cars, have fun etc. and a mom who is there supporting them. Feeding that large of a family is no easy task but we know they are more than able.

Thanks Michelle, Michael and Jessie. We LOVE you!

Liz (Mum)

4 Responses to “Proud of our two eldest girls”

  1. Jessie says:

    Aww, that was so sweet of you to say.

    As the saying goes
    “You think our hands our full – you should see our hearts!”

    Love you guys & congrats on the nee camper Michelle!!

  2. Gail Portenier says:

    EXCITING! Happy for you all.

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