A day on the farm

Two photos in this post.

Daniel works on a local farm two days a week providing him with vital practical skills. He loves it although he comes back exhausted! One day this week Hannah had another 3 hour assessment that both Richard and I needed (wanted) to be there for so we asked our friends if Caleb could go to the farm for the morning. When we texted them to say we were finished they asked if Caleb could stay all day! He had a blast! We are all still country folks at heart so Caleb helped do fencing, loading hay bales and not least, making a huge bonfire!

Just after this photo was taken, a branch or something fell onto a pile adjacent to the burn pile and it was all hands on deck to get the hoses! Oops! No time to take photos then as they were very concerned that the fire would spread to machinery. Thankfully it didn’t.

As for Hannah, her assessment went well. Both her psychiatrist and current weekly therapist think she needs more accountability throughout the week. (Richard and I both agree!) She has now been labeled with Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder. We met with her additional counselor today to fill in more paperwork. She will come to the camper probably twice a week when everything gets set up. We are all hoping that this will start to really change things for the better.

When we saw the psychiatrist last week we asked her that if Hannah had been diagnosed with FASD (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder) as well as the autism, would they be treating her differently? Her answer? Yes! We and others know Hannah has FASD due to what she experienced in the womb. (You can all read between the lines on what I mean!) Children with FASD tend to be more impulsive with no thoughts to their actions. They truly do not have the ability to think before they act. Her psychiatrist has prescribed her an additional drug that should give her brain a few seconds delay providing her time to really think about her actions. Guess what? We have been fighting the insurance company for the last 10 days to get them to pay for this. They do not like her diagnoses, saying that the medication doesn’t fit! Whilst we know that there is HUGE abuse of Medicaid, when you have someone that really needs help, it gets frustrating. Richard and I truly dislike having to lean on the government for help. It truly goes against the grain but we also know that Hannah needs it. There is NO way we could afford to pay all the bills she is incurring and in fact, the program she is now in with the latest assessment is a Medicaid funded community health program so we are very grateful. Richard called the doctor again this afternoon and we will continue to call Medicaid and not give up.

I know I have told you this before but we are SO blessed to live where we live. Folks are SO kind to Hannah and us all. Another camper this week has started teaching Hannah how to crochet. I honestly would never have believed that Hannah would have the patience to learn but we have been amazed! She absolutely LOVES it. When I told her therapist yesterday she was also pleased as she said that crocheting is an excellent coping skill. What a blessing to us all!

Well, school and appointments have kept me out of mischief this week. Hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend,


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