MT – Day 52 – Back in Branson :)

5,356 miles, averaging 8.7 mpg.

We made it home and boy, are we glad to sit still for a few days and not have to be on the road 🙂 It truly was a good trip. Coming back to the humidity down here made us very glad that we spent the summer out west. I could reminisce some more but you have already read the blog posts so I don’t need to put you to sleep. The picture below of Caleb and Chewie was taken in Montana. Relaxing, peaceful and so much more.

I am sincerely hoping that we don’t get back to rushing around like crazy! Before we left, life was way too busy. Time away gave us a chance to slow down, breathe deep and chill. Yes, we still worked and yes, we still have to come home and work. Mail was piled high when Michelle dropped it off. School starts for us on Monday so I have had a lot of school books to cover, worksheets to print etc., not to mention writing down a plan for each child for the year. Richard has been busy on park and goes back to his paramedic job at the beginning of the week.

Whilst away I got time to read several new recipe books. (Some I get from publishers for reviewing, others I find online.) I have been able to try out several new recipes and the majority have received a thumbs up from the family. We have always tried to eat healthily and that does not mean food has to be tasteless. It’s been fun!

SO yes, we are already looking forward to getting on the road again next summer.



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