MT – Day 51 – Back in Missouri

Not quite home yet but in the right state! We have done well on this trip and not eaten out once! Each morning I have cooked a meal to eat on the road. Most times we have been able to find a decent rest area to take a few minutes breather and enjoy stretching our legs as well as satisfying our stomachs. LOVE the Missouri Welcome Center Rest Area as you come down I-29 as there is a small park so Hannah and Caleb were able to run off some energy. Hovis, of course, is out to enjoy some fresh air also. She has been a major grump the last couple days. Fed up with traveling day after day like the rest of us probably and, we don’t think she has been sleeping well as the campsites have been near major roads so not as quiet as she is used to! She has been missing out on her beauty sleep! Hee!

Back on the road for the last stretch of the trip.


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