MT – Day 50 – Honeycreek State Park – Nope! Oops!

When I plan our trips I always use Google Maps so I can figure out exactly how many miles between each stop and the best route etc. We are Passport America members so I do my best to use campgrounds that support that as it gives us 50% off. Alas, through Montana on our way home, there were none on our route so it was not until South Dakota that we were able to make use of our membership. Refreshed after a good night’s sleep in Piedmont, South Dakota, we headed to a great campsite in Mitchell. Due to losing an hour this way we did not make any special stops.

Coming down I-29 through Iowa, I have never been able to find decent campsites. I should rephrase that. I have never been able to find any campsites along that route. Due to the flooding some of them have been closed, another does not take reservations and/or our rig is too big. Our good friends, Jim and Judy, have often been our stop-over but they have moved. (Jim and Judy, if you are reading this you are going to start chuckling as you continue!) SO I was very excited to find Honey Creek State Park right along I-29. For a state park to have full hook-ups, it is very unusual. Not only that, the price was extremely reasonable ($23). I entered the details into Google, made the reservation online, gave myself a pat on the back and planned the rest of our trip home.

Fast forward to the day of arrival. Leaving Mitchell, SD in the morning we made a stop in Sioux Falls to stock up at Aldi. (This is the nearest one on that route. They are not in the western part of the States apart from California.) With that done, we had just 2 1/2 hours to our destination. As we neared the exit we were a little surprised that there was not a sign. Y’know, one of those big brown signs! Following the GPS we turned off the interstate. There is still flooding everywhere in this area so our next encounter was this!

OH MY! Not to be deterred, we did see a sign to Honey Creek Conservation area. (We were just outside the town of Honey Creek.) I got out of the truck and walked down to see if we could get up the road we needed:

Yep! No issues so Richard comes on down and around. We are still believing that we will see the campsite up the road just as the GPS is telling us! Hah! The GPS takes us to a bridge on the horizon which is our supposed destination. Uh oh! Richard by now, is not at all impressed. Caleb sees that this road dead ends so now we have to turn around. I start looking on my phone for the actual address of Honey Creek SP only to discover to my horror that it is 166 miles away in the middle of the state. I have NO idea how that mistake happened. I can only guess that Google showed me Honey Creek Conservation and because of the same name I didn’t check carefully enough. The guy that drove by and asked what we were looking for must have gone on shaking his head in disbelief.

Turned around it was time to pull over and figure out somewhere to go. As I said, for some weird reason, there are no campgrounds to be found in this area. I eventually found one south of Council Bluffs called I-29 Hwy 34 Campground. They take no reservations and when I called up, the gentleman said he had one spot left but it was first come, first served. I prayed and claimed it for us! SO thankful that it was still open and reasonably priced.

What a day to add to our adventures!


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  1. Judy Zea says:

    It would have been fun to see you and your family. Sometime when you travel if you take I 35 north instead of I29 we are very close to I35.

    We are planning to drive the RV to Oregon the end of Sept through October to see Darci and family. (Jim made cedar chests for the 3 granddaughters and they need to be delivered.)

    Would love to get to Branson sometime, but not sure when yet. Well, sure has been fun following your trip, Thanks for sharing. Love, Judy

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