MT – Day 46 – Starting our trip home

Two photos in this post.

Always hard to say “Goodbye” but it was time to make our way back down through the country. Although we had not planned it this way, Jess and the girls were leaving for a wedding in Chinook on the same day so it was perfect timing. The landlords pulled out another couple of trees for us just before we left so as to make it easier to get out.

Traveling through Montana we stopped in Cardwell on the first day and then on the next (Day 47) we stayed in Hardin. After polishing the camper up a little so not so many bugs and dirt to clean off when we get back, the boys wanted to play some pool. Daniel and Caleb played the first game. The first ball Caleb managed to sink was the black one! Oops! Daniel and I played the second game. Daniel was very impressed when I split the balls and sunk one at the same time. He had thought I would be rusty after all these years! LOL! I did admit to it being a fluke but went on to beat him anyways 🙂 In the third game against Caleb, I just had the black ball to pot whilst Caleb had two striped balls left. I had set the black ball up to go in easily. Caleb kindly did the job for me 🙂



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