MT – Day 41 – Plums!

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Taking a trip to Glacier Produce again I was just coming out with a box of organic pears when another gentlemen was talking about soft fruit and heading to the left of the store outside where I had not even registered that there were boxes and boxes of produce! Figured I’d better go check it out and so glad I did! I got approximately 25lbs of plums for only $8! What a deal!

When I got them home I was even more pleased as there were actually three varieties of plums in there. Whilst some were a little soft they were definitely not mushy and so I got to working at filling the dehydrator up again after it had just emptied.

Once they were done it was time to put bananas in and then clean the dehydrator. After the weeks of fruit going into it, it was a little sticky but it has worked hard for us and we now have bags and bags of delicious dried fruit to enjoy when the fresh fruit “dries” up.



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