MT – Day 29 – Apricots!

Whilst not a fan of fresh apricots we do like them dehydrated and have a couple recipes that use them. About 9 miles from Michael and Jessie’s, between Kalispell and Columbia Falls is a small store called Glacier Produce. There you can purchase fruit in bulk at very reasonable prices. I headed that way and brought home 40lbs of apricots and 40lbs of nectarines. (More on the nectarines later.)

Thankfully Michael and Jess have a cool garage so I was able to store the boxes of fruit in there until I could get to working on them. The apricots are now all dehydrated and stored in bags ready for using 🙂

I don’t know if you take any notice of the price of dried fruit in the stores but it is expensive. Not only that it tends to have sugar or other additives that we do not want. Whilst dehydrating your own is a lot of work it is a MUCH cheaper and healthier option.

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