MT – Day 29 – Kayaking at Foys Lake

2 photos in this post.

What a gorgeous lake! Whilst there is no beach and quite a steep climb to get down, it’s worth it! Here are Sydnee and Daniel.

Yes the water really is this color! Why? The minerals in the glacial run-off. This lake is also not muddy. Jessie tells me that this lake is the non-tourist area. It was not crowded like many of the other lakes in this area.

That is an island that you can see in the middle of the lake. Once Daniel and Sydnee were over there, Renzi and I also paddled that way. Yet again Renzi was a real trooper. She has her own kayak and she not only went to the island, she also went with us as we paddled all the way around it. The water is clear so you can see the bottom when not too deep.

Definitely a place to come back to.


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