MT – Day 27 – Climbing Twin Falls!

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On an off-shoot of the Two Medicine Lake Trail you will see a signpost to Twin Falls. This is a GREAT short (.6 miles both ways) detour.

By this time in our hike we were warm and the kids had been asking when they were going to get to swim. It was not long before they were in the water although not in quite such a dramatic way as Michael and Daniel. It didn’t make any difference to those two that the water was a little on the cold side! It was not long before the pair of them, under Michael’s leading, were climbing the left-hand side falls.

With that explored, it was off the right-hand side one. Michael, Daniel and Hannah proceeded to climb up the side of it all the way to the top! If you look carefully at the photo below you will see three small specks way up there.

Calli, not wanting to be completely outdone, requested that her dad take her up a short ways. Caleb is sitting on the branch below them.

I had made a joke to Michael that he should walk across the left-hand side falls due to two trees being across it. Jessie told him NO so he compromised and only walked halfway 🙂

Fun, family time making good memories.


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  1. Jessie Pomeroy says:

    Walked halfway after Jessie left. -_- Silly Boy…

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