MT – Day 27 – Two Medicine 9 Mile Hike!

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Michael had been missing out on all our hikes due to working SO on Saturday we all headed over to Two Medicine which is on the eastern side of Glacier, just a few miles up from the east entrance. You drive past Lower Two Medicine Lake and then park by Two Medicine Lake. (Upper Two Medicine Lake is much farther on.) There is no Visitor’s Center here due to it being much less popular than the other areas. (It was pretty busy when we were there and the campground was full.) There is a Ranger’s Station and Camping store, neither of which we visited as we met a wonderful ranger who directed us where to get onto the North Trail.

Remember when we attempted huckleberry picking a couple weeks ago? There were more huckleberries on this trail than we ever saw at the other area! They made a great refreshing snack for us all.

The North Trail goes around the lake but you don’t see much of it. The scenery is still exceptional and this is a mostly level trail to walk albeit VERY narrow, mostly single file all the way. Over 3 miles in you will see the sign to Twin Falls. DON’T miss this! It’s worth going the short distance and then coming back. (More on these falls in the next post.)

From there the ranger had told us about the South Trail. She omitted to inform us that it was much less traveled so more overgrown and definitely on the hilly side! The South Trail provides you with some gorgeous views of the lake before heading inland. Looking back at the boat dock here is where you can catch the Sinopah to take you back to the main parking area. Round trip for adults at the time of writing this is $13.75. With there being 9 of us, we had decided beforehand that our legs could do the walking……

Looking the other way (top picture) is a breathtaking view. From here the trail travels inland and it’s time to climb some hills. We were getting tired. IMPORTANT TO NOTE that horses are allowed on this trail although we didn’t see any. At one point the signpost will direct you towards the ford one way or the wooden bridge the other. If on horseback you will want to take the ford. The wooden bridge was not what we expected! If you do not like wobbly bridges don’t come this way! One hiker at a time is allowed to cross and it sways quite a bit once you are in the center!

We started the trail at 1:15 taking a break for huckleberry picking and then for lunch. Richard and I had packed a large picnic which we had wanted to eat before starting the hike. Michael, being Michael, was eager to get on the trail so we just grabbed a couple bites and packed some snacks and drinks. Michael had planned on trying out his dehydrated rice and hash browns but when we got to where we stopped to eat he realized that he had left his pan to heat the water back at the house! LOL! We were ALL hungry by the time we came off the trail at 6:15. (We had spent quite a while fooling around at Twin Falls so only walked for 3 1/2 hours.) It was a 9 mile hike and towards the end we saw this moose:

Renzi, 5, walked MOST of the way. That girl is tough! Michael just carried her up the last few hills but goodness, she did really well. When we got back to the lake, hot and exhausted most of us were eager to cool down. Even with just our feet in the COLD water it felt good. Of course some wanted to swim. Here is Caleb:

Michael and Richard walked up to bring the vehicles closer. Once we had all eaten the sun was going down behind the mountain.

God’s creation is truly magnificent.

This was definitely a good hike and bed felt SO good that night 🙂



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