MT – Day 19 – Avalanche Lake Trail, Glacier National Park

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Yesterday, all of us bar Michael, went to Glacier to hike the Avalanche Lake Trail. This is best accessed from the West Entrance as it is about 18 miles in on the Going To The Sun Road. There is NOT much parking available and arriving around noon we ended up parking in a pull-0ut 1 mile up from the trail. (We didn’t realize it was quite so far until we walked it!) On the round trip this added 2 miles to a 5 mile hike so yes, we ended up hiking 7 miles!

Avalanche Lake Trail starts at the same place as the Trail of the Cedars and you branch off further in. There are some flush toilets near the bottom along with a fresh water tap. I highly recommend that you ensure your water bottles are full and your bladders are empty before you start climbing. (There is no more water sources on this climb but there is a pit toilet very close to the top.) Listed as a moderate walk it is mostly uphill the entire 2.3 miles but it is also mostly in the shade due to all the enormous trees around you. It starts off by the river and there are plenty of places for the kids to investigate along with huge boulders for the kids to climb. It took us a while to actually make much progress but eventually we did.

All of us agreed it was a truly beautiful walk. The scenery is amazing. This hike is NOT smooth. You will also meet a lot of other hikers. Once you reach the lake though you realize the hike was worth it. STUNNING!

The photos do not do this place justice. There are actually 4 waterfalls cascading in the distance. The Sperry Glacier is behind, unseen from this position. The path does go around the lake for a little over by where the main trees end on the left but we were all pretty tired by this point and were concerned that Renzi (5) would not be able to make it back if we went even farther.

The water was beautiful. All the kids got in to play and Hannah walked all the way across from where we were. There is plenty of flat beach-like area and benches for hikers to sit/rest on.

Can anyone do this hike? 5 year old Renzi did and she told me this morning that her legs were not aching at all! Mine were! I normally wait for Richard to come to bed but I was exhausted last night. Took the photos off of my phone and then went to bed. Everyone slept in this morning and nobody was in a rush to do another hike today! Are we glad we did it though? Absolutely!

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  1. Beautiful! You are living my dream. Glacier National Park is on my bucket list.

    • liz says:

      Glacier National Park is definitely worth a visit and I recommend spending time on both the east and west sides as there is SO much to see.

      Start saving so you can make it happen 🙂


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