MT – Day 3 – The Badlands of South Dakota

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The Badlands have to be one of our favorite spots. This time through though, they looked SO different due to them being so green. Most of the parking lots are designed for big rigs making it easy to pull in and stop at various spots along the way. If you have been following our trip you will have already surmised that Wednesday was a BUSY day. We did not get to the Badlands until after 5pm and still had a ways to get to our destination for that night. That didn’t stop us enjoying some climbing though 🙂

Hannah and Caleb were the most adventurous:

Liked this picture with the shadows:

It was HOT! As well as spotting this little critter, we saw the mountain goats high up on a hill, stopped and watched the prairie dogs for a while and also saw the bison as we headed out of the park.

Gaining an hour really helped us. Even then we did not get to our campsite in Piedmont until just as the sun was setting, around 9:20. Thankfully the sites were long pull-thrus and level so a quick and easy set-up. Bed was calling!





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