A short hike!

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Yesterday, with the sun shining, Hannah, Caleb, myself and Hovis took a short hike down the trail to the wet water creek. Whilst there is nearly always some water flowing here, we don’t often see it when it is flowing like yesterday. Good to just get out for a few minutes and enjoy the beauty of the nature around us.

Today, the weather was FABULOUS! We were still disciplined enough to get school done but then it was outside. Caleb got a wonderful surprise when one of his friends turned up to play for the day. They had a blast and Caleb even caught some sun on his face. With the cold weather, everyone has been looking a little pale!

Winter is returning but at least we got to enjoy the couple of nice days we were blessed with. I know some of you are really getting it cold. Michael called this morning laughing, asking me how lovely the weather was down here. Up in Kallispell, MT the temperature was -6F with a wind chill of -28F. They also have 3 1/2 ft of snow! They are welcome to it! I’ll take the odd day of spring down here anytime!



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  1. Jeanne jones says:

    Longing to be in warmer weather. Don’t know where we will put next snow! Kids are getting taller I see! Sun is always good for uplifting too!

  2. Gail Portenier says:

    The sad part about the weather in Montana is they have not kept it up there as we are suffering here We may have the same kind of wind chill the way they are talking. Delighted that you were able to get out while it is possible as someone said you are going to get some nasty weather down there.

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