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Hannah may now have a diagnosis but that doesn’t change everyday life yet! This week has been pretty stressful and the cold weather doesn’t help as the kids are not out playing out so much. We did have a break from the cold for a couple days and so when Richard brought back some hooks and bobbers Caleb was able to go do one of his favorite pastimes – fishing! The cold weather is now back with no break in sight for the next several days.

On Thursday we had another appointment with the psychiatrist. Last time we went NONE of Hannah’s information had been passed on so we were not very happy. Guess what? The diagnosis had not reached her this time either! Talk about jaw dropping! I was NOT happy! Thankfully I had run back into the camper before we left and picked up our copy. If we had not brought it the appointment would have been cancelled. As it was the psychiatrist didn’t read it (promised to do it later) but just wanted some of the scores. The waiting process for “help” has been going on for quite some time now. They have now promised us that we will hear from a therapist within a week. She has started Hannah on a low dose of medication that she says will help with the aggression and make her more responsive to the therapy.

Medication was a tough pill for me to swallow. All who know me know I am not a fan of medications and avoid them if at all possible. I won’t even take anything if I have a migraine! HOWEVER I also am fully aware that life cannot go on as it is with Hannah. We have to do something for her and us all. The boys have to get back to having a normal and less stressful life. Richard, being a paramedic, knows more about the medication than I do and he was of the opinion that with the option put to us, we needed to go with it. I am at peace with that decision so, now we wait to see if the medication makes any difference. We also know that Hannah has a LOT of learned BAD behavior that needs to change. She will not listen to us so praying that she will listen to the therapist.

On a happier note, today was Michelle’s 30th birthday! Wow! Incredible! 30 years ago our furniture had just arrived in our tiny, top floor flat in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. We were enjoying sleeping on our own bed for the first time in weeks and my waters broke three weeks early.

The flat was on the third floor and so we had to leave the pram base in the entrance hall and carry the top part up three flights of stairs each day! I found these photos. The above one is of us walking together with our new precious bundle. The ones below were taken at one of our favorite places, Fountains Abbey:

The moustache is still there after all these years but the hair on top of the head has lessened 🙂

There weren’t any grey hairs in my hair back then!

My mum and dad were living with us when Michelle was born as they had left Cornwall after us and were looking for a place to live. Whilst that flat was tiny, in all reality it was bigger than what we are living in now. How perspectives change! Those were new days for us all. Three months later we celebrated my 21st birthday and it wasn’t long after that that we found out we were expecting Michael. (Michelle and Michael are 13 months apart although they should have been 15months apart but Michael was impatient! Nothing’s changed there!)

It’s truly incredible where life and the Lord have brought us. What an amazing life we have led and the adventure is not over yet! We are looking forward to a very exciting 2019 and will keep you posted albeit seemingly not as regularly as we used to!



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  1. Jeanne Jones says:

    Love the pics! Reminds me of our mum! She love England so! Prayers for our Hanna and the rest of the family. Didn’t know of all her issues. Tell her Naughty Gary is working on getting strong so he can back and taunt her!!!!

    • liz says:

      Good to hear from you. You tell that husband of yours, he’d better get himself fit ASAP. You guys are a fixture here at TL, much appreciated 🙂 Hannah says, “You wait until I get my hands on him!”
      Blessings to you both,

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