ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder

We have always known Hannah was “special needs”. In fact, before she was born and placed in our arms, we were sent on a training course on how to handle some of the issues that might come up. Naturally we prayed that the genetics, alcohol etc. would not affect her. Never wanting to medicate, Richard and I just dealt/lived with the issues that came up. I am not going to go into all the issues here on the blog for obvious reasons. Suffice to say, just over a year ago I, personally, came to the end of myself. I knew it was time to seek help as I could no longer handle Hannah and the behavior she was exhibiting. We had to no longer “hide” the fact that Hannah was not normal.

Many of those who know Hannah think she is the sweetest child on earth. She can keep folks entertained for hours with her jokes, chatters and antics but the reality is that this amount of sociable activity is not normal. Hannah has been increasingly exhibiting some very worrying behaviors as well as being a totally different child with us. We experience the brunt of her frustrations, name calling, screaming and so much more. When we sought help at the beginning of last year we were put in touch with a wonderful counselor who saw Hannah on a weekly basis. Whilst this helped to a small degree, it wasn’t long before the counselor figured there was more going on and advised us to get Hannah evaluated by a psychiatrist. If any of you have experience of the mental health services here in Missouri and/or elsewhere you will know that the waiting lists are extensive. I’ll be honest, there were times when I didn’t know how we were going to continue on, it was that bad. It is only by God’s grace that HE has sustained us through this period of waiting.

We finally got into see a psychiatrist in September. She ordered a comprehensive evaluation on Hannah which thankfully was done here in Branson so we didn’t have to go to Springfield again and again. We finally met with the doctor today for the results of the testing. His diagnosis? ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder! A VERY good, thorough report has been written by the doctor and we had a long conversation with him. Now we wait to see the psychiatrist again in mid-February. What we know at this time is to begin with, Hannah will be referred for counseling with a female therapist to help her learn how to deal with social issues and more. (She has very inappropriate behavior towards men at times so we have all agreed that a male counselor would not be advisable.) With this diagnosis the door will open for Hannah to have access to many resources to help her and us.

Are Richard and I shocked? No! Whilst we had several ideas as to what the diagnosis might be, once we read the thorough report and all the “dots” were put together, it made perfect sense to us. We look forward now to getting Hannah the help she needs to grow into a beautiful, functional young woman.

We appreciate your prayers. Life is not always easy with Hannah and the boys along with Richard and I live with a lot of stress at times. Are we still blessed? Absolutely!



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  1. Judy Coleman says:

    Dear Liz and Richard, Thank You for adopting children who need solid Christian parents and who have many needs due to their birth mother’s and father’s problems. You two are blessings on earth to these your adopted children! Plus you also have your own birth adult children who have benefited from your examples. Our world needs more folks like you! I thank God on every remembrance of you, as Scripture says! Keep up the good faith and care of all God has given you! Lord bless and keep you and ALL of yours in His Tender Loving Care Now and Always ! Thank You Lord for Liz and Richard and their good work on earth for You Dear Lord God! We love you! Judy and Dean ?

  2. Gail Portenier says:

    Very interesting! Yes we will continue to pray for the whole family as we know this is something all of you have to deal with. We admire your compassion and your patience. Hope to see you at the Southern Gospel picnic. Gloria and I love you all.

  3. Norma Sorenson says:

    Liz, Saturday, I was sitting quietly kind of meditating and you popped into my mind, hence the note I sent. I followed the link to your blog and just read the article about Hannah. I can offer some help for Hannah that is a safe, natural and healthy alternative to medication. If you are open to this please text or call. Meanwhile, sending out prayers for you, Hannah and the family…. Norma

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