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Happy Monday to you all 🙂 This was the view from our window yesterday morning. Not a lot of snow but enough for the kids to be excited about and for a few snowballs to be thrown. They even went sledding with some other kids on Saturday! There are only 10 campers in this phase right now. Although we enjoy seeing lots of folks here it is refreshing to have it quiet for a while. Did you watch the lunar eclipse last evening? We let the kids stay up to watch it so whilst we were waiting for  the “event” Michelle, Richard and I relearned how to play Dutch Blitz. I use the word “relearned” as we had not played this since Montana, over 8 years ago. Talk about rusty….

It is very rare for Richard and I to have two days off together these days. When he is here I am normally at the Mill and if he is not here, then I am. This week is a kind of siesta as we are both here for actually three days: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. With the weather cold but dry I decided it was time to spring clean. With another new business venture on the horizon, it may be a while before we have chance/time again for a deep clean. Today I tackled the kids room. Whilst Richard was mostly working upstairs on a big, complicated project he did fix Daniel’s bed that has been broken for a while. Somehow the kids had managed to bend the frame so his bed dipped in the middle. Now it is reinforced and straight. Whoo hoo! Tomorrow I tackle the living room and Richard will mend one set of drawers that needs new runners.

We have been catching up on schoolwork also which has been good. It is definitely nice to have a couple of quieter months here in Branson whilst visitors are few, thus making business slow. At the Mill I am spending the majority of my time cutting out collage photos. Now I know which ones are more popular than others I am making sure we have a good number cut, ready to be used. Cutting photos is time consuming. I don’t know how many hundreds I have already cut this year but probably have another 500-750 to go if not more! Yes, I cut a LOT of photos. It’s a BORING and MONOTONOUS job but I LOVE “playing” and creating with them later on and it means that customers can easily and quickly design their own collage.

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