Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day was beautiful here. We took a short walk in the morning after opening all the presents, ate a healthy roast turkey lunch with loads of vegetables and then went out on our bikes in the afternoon. Caught some funny faces on camera yesterday so thought I would share them.

First up, Daniel whilst opening his leather hand grips. He has started doing pull-ups on the monkey bars so these will protect his hands and provide a better grip.

Hannah still enjoys her dolls:

Caleb is notorious for getting into Richard’s tools, using them and then leaving them lying around! SO Michelle gave him a tool kit and we bought him his own adult cordless drill and screwdriver. It was not long before he was outside screwing boards together!

Living the RV life can mean that sometimes things are a little unconventional. I don’t like to cut hair inside the camper because it is such a pain to clean up so we always cut it outside. With the forecast for today being a little yucky and yesterday being at 60, I cut Richard and Daniel’s hair late afternoon. Another first! Don’t ever remember cutting hair on Christmas Day before!

Not needing more than a snack for tea it was time for a movie and a reasonably early night. Prior to Christmas life was a little hectic so many. many late nights. It’s going to take us a few days to gain the missed sleep back 🙂

Blessings to you all,



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