Uncle Quentin, Aunt Fanny, George etc. on Thanksgiving :)

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Thanksgiving morning dawned bright, dry and absolutely gorgeous so we decided to take a hike. All 6 of us (Michelle included) set off for the conservation trail beside Treasure Lake. Caleb wanted to do the Homesteaders Trail this time which we have not done in 3 years. The trail (a loop) is 3.4 miles so when you add in the distance to get to the start we did just over 4 miles. Recently I have been reading the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton aloud to the kids each day. These were some of my favorites as a kid, read them to Michelle and Michael and then to Daniel many years later. Caleb is a very good reader but he has requested that I read them all again to him. They are fun adventures and ones we all love so it is no hardship. The one we are reading right now is Five Go On A Hike Together so it was quite amusing yesterday to realize we were doing the same thing! The main characters in the books are Uncle Quentin, Aunt Fanny, their daughter George and her dog Timmy along with cousins Julian, Dick and Anne. It occurred to me that we had the right number in our group. Of course Richard and I were the grown-ups. Hannah was George, Daniel was Julian, Caleb was Dick, Michelle was Anne and Hovis was Timmy!

It was a great, sometimes arduous walk. Hovis had the easiest time of it. For some reason she likes to sit on our heads at times. Here she is with a true ‘bird’s eye view’!

Having cooked the turkey overnight, once we got back in, just had to cook all the veggies which did not take that long. (No mashed potatoes in this house. Instead we had mashed carrots and celeriac along with green beans, broccoli, green beans, Brussels sprouts, stuffing, bread sauce and gravy. DELICIOUS!) Michelle had to work in the afternoon but the others went out flying Caleb’s drone and then Hannah and Caleb still had energy to go swimming!

Time to curl up with a book at the end of a wonderfully blessed day. SO SO much to be thankful for,


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  1. Jackie Hardman says:

    It was so great to get to see you guys on Wednesday!!!!!! We had so much fun!!!!! We certainly miss you guys and playing cards as often as we used to. We love you dearly

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