Someone turned 9 today!

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What a glorious day to celebrate Caleb’s birthday! After cold temps this week, today was in the 60’s. Caleb has been wanting a drone for ages and ages SO we bought him one for his birthday. (This kid likes ALL things technical.) Not much time to play with it today though as he also wanted to go on the Branson Scenic Railway, another thing he had been asking to do for quite some time. It was a nice, peaceful ride. In all honesty, there isn’t much to see but you do learn some history along the way. Depending on rail conditions determines whether the train heads north or south. We headed south today, down into Arkansas. We were able to sit up in one of the domes so had a great view and then the boys found some recliners that were unoccupied so enjoyed those! Train ride was just under 2 hours.

From there we went to Wendy’s to eat lunch. Richard had an unexpected meeting come up at 2:30pm so whilst he was at that, the kids and I came home to walk Hovis. She was very appreciative and did not want to go back inside. However Caleb had more plans for us so once Richard’s meeting was over, we headed to the Butterfly Palace. The Butterfly Palace is WONDERFUL as there is mirror maze, aviary and so much more. All worn out it was time for a relaxing evening. Michelle gave Caleb two books to complete a series he has so he now has his nose in those. (One at a time of course!)

A very blessed day and once again we are SO thankful for the gift of adoption that not only brought Caleb into our lives but also Daniel and Hannah. Our lives would be very empty without them.


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