Fresh farm eggs and more!

A new friend blessed us with several dozen fresh farm eggs! Caleb was very curious to see what color the eggs were and delighted to discover they were both brown and green! Absolutely delicious and we are all VERY appreciative 🙂

Did I tell you about the leak we found in the camper? Actually I should ask if I told you about the damage caused by a leak we found?! It was one of the days when we were cleaning. We had noticed that the linoleum in the underbelly on one side was discoloring and feeling a little soft. We have had some issues with the door seal leaking on that side so thought that was the problem. When Richard started investigating on how to put in the new Cheap Heat electric furnace we had to pull out all our bulk food. He then lifted up the linoleum! Oh my! What an icky, black mold, black rotted, woody mess! Thankfully it only went back about 13 inches so we were able to cut the bad piece out. It still took some time to clean it all up! As we were working on this another friend came along, saw what we were doing and went and got us some spare board from a building project, saving us money and time. What a blessing! With it all fixed we put the dehumidifier in there to ensure that all was dried up. HOWEVER we had not found the true source of the leak….. until today! Another friend came to help Richard put in all the electrics for the new, additional furnace. (When completed we will be able to run on either propane or electric just like we have the option already to run our water heater on propane or electric.) Whilst doing that he discovered the leaks. We have FOUR faulty pipes!

Let’s back up a little here. When we purchased the camper first we reported a leak. It was back in the shop a couple times and the techs just told Richard that they found nothing and it must just be rain! Yeah right! We now know what it was. Yes, we should have done our own research but it’s sad that we could not trust what we were told. The leaks are in an area that we never normally access as they are behind a compartment door. Of course with Bruce in there moving around today it has made the leaks worse. NO complaints though as at least we now know the problem. Richard went to try and get new pipes and connectors at the local DIY store this evening (Saturday) but of course they do not sell the right size so we have to wait until Monday for the local RV store to be open. We have a tote under there right now catching the escaping water and will turn the water off overnight. There is no doubt that there is still also something wrong with the door seal as well!

The electric is now in for the furnace but the guys ran out of time to actually put the furnace in. In the meantime we had all our underbelly contents sat outside. Seemed pointless putting them all back only to have to take them ALL out again but more rain is coming so they had to go somewhere. Very thankful for our cargo trailer. Opened the back up and put everything in there for temporary storage. Out of sight, out of mind for a few days 🙂

Time we came in tonight it was gone 8 o’clock. Both of us are exhausted! A fruitful day though. Seems like we are having to do quite a bit of stuff to the camper this year but, just like on a house, maintenance has to be done and we are just encouraging ourselves that we are making progress!

Tomorrow is moving day again and we still have to get that front jack fixed so we’ll see what happens when we move to a solid concrete pad.

Blessings to you all,


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